Ocean Signal is owned by a global maritime company, Drew Marine and operates within the ACR group. This group has over 250 employees and 3 world class R&D centres. We are continually developing business opportunities with over 150 active global customers and represented in over 30 countries. Partnered with key organisations around the globe the group has a proven leadership pedigree in the Maritime, Aviation, Land and Military markets for over 50 years. Ocean Signal is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Satellite and Terrestrial Emergency Rescue Beacons based upon VHF/UHF, Iridium, DSC, AIS, GNSS and battery technologies; supplying products throughout the world to four main markets: – Commercial Marine, Leisure Marine, Governmental/Military and Land/Recreational.

Senior Software/firmware – Ocean Signal UK


  • Competitive Salary
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays.
  • Working week 40hrs Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.
  • Free Parking on-site
  • Pension Scheme available

Job Description

To provide Senior Software/firmware development within the Research & Development Team to research, design, develop, detail and document new products.

Take responsibility and provide technical lead on project bias. Where required, to support the Manufacturing and Marketing Departments to maintain the Company’s existing product range. You must have a proven track record in the design and development of software/firmware from concept to completion.

Essential Knowledge and Skills

A numerate qualification such as Btec HND/Degree in Software Engineering HNC/HND or Degree in a field related to wireless communications or equivalent

  • Experience writing embedded target firmware and Windows application software in a Windows PC environment
  • Experience in writing bare metal code for small 32 bit microcontrollers such as the ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4 and M7.
  • Demonstrable skills in the following programming languages – C, C++ (with template classes), C# & VB  .Net, QT, Microchip and ARM Assembly Language, Windows GUI PC Programming
  • Experience of writing highly optimised embedded firmware in a mix of C and assembler.
  • Experience of low power embedded applications.
  • Experience with Windows environment.
  • Experience using GCC toolchains and modern IDE’s. (Any experience using Eclipse would be beneficial).
  • Experience of Software Version Control Systems (Git via command line or GUI)
  • Modular software techniques.
  • Demonstrable ability to write well-structured and well documented and commented code.
  • Must be committed to working within the procedural framework for software engineering
  • Experience with Microchip PIC 8 and 16-bit micro-controllers
  • Experience of Bug/Problem reporting systems
  • Experience of product type approval to international standards.
  • Experience writing low level device code including chip clock initialisation, bootloaders, ISR’s, Memory controllers (internal and external), DMA, SPI, I2C, CAN, USART, DAC, ADC, TIMERS, PWM and GPIO without having to depend on hardware abstraction libraries. Must be able to read a device reference manual and understand how to directly manipulate device registers
  • The ability to understand and follow a digital circuit schematic diagram which should include at least a basic knowledge of digital electronics (no design experience required).
  • Experience interfacing with LCD’s, multi segment LED’s (including multiplexing), rotary controllers, matrix keypads and other forms of user interfaces
  • Experience of marine nav/comms
  • Experience of networked applications. Experience with DSP, USB, SDIO, WIFI, ETHERNET and BLUETOOTH would be beneficial
  • A good understanding of memory management and efficient coding techniques including the  need to manage both stack space and BSS. This requires a good understanding of how those resources are allocated by the compiler
  • A good understanding of defensive programming techniques theory
  • Understanding digital communications theory

Desirable Knowledge and Skills

  • Experience with the ST Microsystems range of microcontrollers
  • Experience with IAR compiler for ARM processors
  • Experience using doxygen would be beneficial
  • Demonstrate ability to understand and convert legacy code written in old languages and for old environments
  • DO178 & DO254 knowledge
  • Experience of SQL, management of databases and interfacing applications to databases.
  • Experience working on small, medium and large projects and working as a team
  • Preparation of test specs and supporting documentation.
  • Design life-cycle (concept to production) within an ISO 9001/9100 or similar quality environment.
  • Ability to solder – connections to prototypes.
  • Experience of  RF technologies – VHF/UHF transmitters and receivers
  • Use of laboratory equipment – Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analysers

General Skills Attributes

  • Positive attitude
  • Conscientious, hardworking & organised
  • Good communicator
  • Good team worker
  • Thorough
  • Self-motivated
  • Flair for developing imaginative and novel solutions
  • Versatile
  • Full UK driving Licence


Please contact Ocean Signal at with your CV if you are interested in any position