Ocean Signal targets commercial sector with GMDSS products and rescueME PLB1 as focus on crew and vessel safety increases

Marine communication and safety specialist Ocean Signal presents its SafeSea® range of GMDSS products plus the world’s smallest personal locator beacon at this year’s SMM.

Ideal for a range of applications in the commercial sector, the SafeSea V100 GMDSS hand-held radio, the E100 and E100G EPIRBs and S100 SART provide all essential handheld communication devices required in an emergency situation, while the Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1 can be carried easily and unobtrusively by workers on all types of vessels.

Managing Director Alan Wrigley says the company’s continued focus on the commercial market is due to a rise in demand for safety and communications products as more mandates are introduced and awareness increases in the industry.

He said: “All our products have applications in the commercial sector and this market remains our focus. In particular, there are significant markets for the PLB1 in fishing fleets, wind farm and other support vessels, staff on passenger vessels, deep sea vessels and cargo vessels. Many more sectors of the commercial area, especially support vessels, are introducing mandates for workers to use PLB-type products, so we are approaching relevant companies and ship-owners to discuss the PLB and all of Ocean Signal’s GMDSS products. Our EPIRB meets the needs of various commercial vessels, while all our products apply to a range of boats, including superyachts, fishing vessels and workboats.

“Individual safety has become much more of a priority for commercial operators and there is a lot of emphasis on the safety of individual crew members in the workboat sector. There is therefore huge potential for the use of the rescueME PLB1 across a wide range of areas in the commercial sector. For anyone at sea in any number of circumstances, the PLB1 is a product they would want to have on their person in case of an emergency. It has been developed so that it is very practical to wear or carry on your person, takes up minimal space and is therefore very accessible, plus it is very affordable with a seven-year battery life – all attributes which make the product very appealing in the world-wide maritime market.”