Ocean Signal Launches Complete AIS Kit to Provide Boat Owners with Affordable Man Overboard System

Ocean Signal AIS Safety Kit

New for 2020, Ocean Signal has combined two of its most technically advanced AIS products to create a cost-saving kit providing boat owners with a complete man overboard system.

The new Ocean Signal ATB1 AIS package unites the latest in AIS Class B+ technology in the ATB1 transponder with two award-winning rescueME MOB1 man overboard beacons. Ensuring the best chance of rapid rescue from either the survivor’s own vessel or other vessels in the vicinity if someone falls into the water, the AIS kit brings onboard safety to a new level.

Easily integrated within a life jacket, the compact MOB1 communicates with the ATB1, as well as boats within about a five-mile range, and will provide two methods of rapidly relaying the man overboard’s position in an emergency. Firstly, it transmits an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS-enabled plotters in the vicinity. Secondly, the MOB1 will activate the DSC alarm on the vessel’s VHF radio to alert fellow crew members. With crew able to track the person’s position while recovery is carried out, the integrated strobe light with moulded lens then ensures the survivor is easily spotted in poor light conditions.

Ocean Signal’s advanced Class B SOTDMA ATB1 AIS transponder is designed to offer boat owners increased visibility and navigational safety. Incorporating the superior SOTDMA (Self-Organising Time Division Multiple Access) technology, the ATB1 offers significant benefits including increased priority for position reports with no loss or delay of transmission, enhancing the user’s ability to be seen by other vessels in busy waters and avoid collision day or night whatever the conditions. It has a faster reporting rate and higher output power than standard CSTDMA (Carrier Sense TDMA) Class B units, sending AIS transmissions every five seconds instead of the CSTDMA two transmissions per minute. The unit’s 5W output power, compared to the standard 2W, allows the transmissions to reach further.

Measuring just 134mm (height) by 38mm (width) by 27mm (depth) and weighing 90g, the Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1 is 30 percent smaller than similar units on the market. It has been designed to integrate easily into most lifejackets ready for automatic activation on inflation and sending the first alert within 15 seconds. The device can be pre-armed quickly and the activation tape then connected and placed around the deflated bladder of the life jacket. Operating within a temperature range of -20C and +55C, the rescueME MOB1 has a 24+ hours operational life, comprehensive self-test facility and a 7-year battery life.

James Hewitt, Managing Director, Ocean Signal, said: “We want to make the latest AIS technology accessible to more boaters so they can improve onboard safety by simply adding one complete solution to their onboard kit. The Ocean Signal ATB1 AIS package offers boat owners a fantastic opportunity to save money when equipping their crew with the capability to react effectively in a man overboard situation. Even in moderate seas, a visual sighting of a man overboard can be lost extremely quickly. By combining our two leading products, the ATB1 Class B transponder and the rescueME MOB1, boat owners have a powerful solution to make sure of rapid rescue when confronted with the frightening scenario of a family or crew member falling overboard.”