Ocean Signal: SMM 2016: New Ocean Signal E101V Float-Free EPIRB with VDR Memory Capsule

Leading solution integrates with commercial vessels’ voyage data recorder systems to meet latest performance standards

SMM, Hamburg, 6th to 9th September, Hall B6 Stand 605 (AMI Marine stand)

EPIRB VDR in HousingThe new Ocean Signal E101V float-free EPIRB with integrated voyage data recorder (VDR) memory capsule is designed according to the latest VDR performance standards as a leading solution for commercial vessels of 3000+ gross tonnage.

Developed in collaboration with VDR specialist AMI Marine, the E101V is Cospas Sarsat and MED certified and approved to IEC61097-2 as a float-free EPIRB with built-in memory capsule.

Enabling ship owners and operators to meet new mandates for VDRs as defined by IMO Resolution MSC.333(90), the Ocean Signal device can be easily integrated with a vessel’s VDR, a vital on-board system which helps to identify the cause of any accident, evaluate decision making on-board at the time of an incident, improve safety and also assist in accident avoidance, training and other areas of maintenance, monitoring and analysis.

The EPIRB with memory capsule offers notable market-leading features and benefits for ship owners and operators which have been incorporated after meticulous development by safety specialist Ocean Signal and VDR experts AMI Marine.

The E101V features a dedicated float-free housing with improved hydrostatic release unit and automatic disconnection of the interface cable on release before 4m depth, ensuring the stored data can be easily and quickly retrieved in the event of an accident or incident.

With 406MHz Cospas Sarsat satellite alerting and 121.5MHz homing, the Ocean Signal device features an integral 66-channel GPS receiver, rather than the 22-channel GPS featured in other products, which ensures fast and accurate positioning as the device is able to acquire the position from a cold start by seeking all the satellites simultaneously to determine which are in view.

At 224mm x 110mm (440mm including antenna) and weighing just 985g, the E101V is significantly smaller and lighter than other products on the market, due to the use of low current technology developed by Ocean Signal for its current EPIRBs. For easy maintenance, the compact design still allows easy accessibility without damaging the product. The release housing size is just 293mm x 196 x 126.

The E101V has a flexible blade antenna and twin high intensity strobe light. As with all Ocean Signal products, it has a market-leading battery life of five years and a two-year warranty. The battery operating life is greater than 168 hours at -20°C.

The separate VDR storage module incorporated in the E101V features the standard memory capacity of 64GB.

The Ocean Signal device will be available on an OEM basis to selected VDR manufacturers and suppliers for integration with their own VDR systems.

The E101V is also supplied with AMI’s new regulation X-Series VDR which incorporates IEC61162-450 network protocol, applicable to the collection, storage and playback of important data, and exceeds the requirements of the 2014 IEC 61996-1 Ed 2.0 regulations. Completely European in its manufacture, all of the equipment is designed and built in the UK and Germany, with all but the fixed capsule being of an AMI Marine bespoke design.

Launched at this year’s SMM, AMI’s new X-VHFR recorder for vessels under 3000 GRT is also designed to function with the E101V, assisting with safe recording and playback of basic vessel data in the event of an incident, or for general data analysis purposes.

The X-VHFR VHF recorder provides a cost effective means of recording VHF communications, bridge audio and vessel position, along with AIS at any given time, for operators of vessels exempt under current rules from carrying a VDR. In combination with a computer for playback, it will construct an accurate history of events, whether it is for training and education purposes or for investigation and evidence purposes, and provides the ideal means to verify ship to ship and ship to shore communications, together with the associated date, time, and location of the vessel.

The E101V’s leading design and technological capabilities reflect the knowledge and experience brought together by the unique collaboration of two UK companies – communication and safety at sea experts Ocean Signal and AMI Marine, world-leaders in VDR design and manufacturer of marine electronic equipment.

James Hewitt, Ocean Signal Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “The development of the E101V is a result of many months of meticulous design and expert input from the specialist engineers at Ocean Signal and AMI Marine. The result is a product which incorporates a number of significant features and is a trusted and approved solution for new generation VDRs which comply with the latest IMO mandates.”

Martin Cox, sales director at AMI Marine, added: “The introduction of the IMO resolution, along with IEC61996-1 Ed 2.0, heralded a new chapter in VDR requirements with both a fixed and float-free capsule required, each holding a minimum of 48 hours of data. The E101V float-free capsule is a welcome addition to the AMI X-VDR system, allowing for easier and cheaper shipping with its refined compact design.”

For more information on the E101V at SMM, please visit AMI Marine (Hall B6 Stand 605). Ocean Signal products will also be on the Drew Marine Stand (Hall B5 Stand 527). Alternatively, please visit the website at www.oceansignal.com. For details about AMI Marine, visit www.amimarine.net.