Teen bush-walker rescued after becoming lost in freezing conditions.

An 18-year-old bush-walker was rescued from the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia after activating his rescueME PLB1.

The teenager became disorientated while walking in wild terrain near Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges National Park, with no food or water with him.

Following the distress call, a police officer was winched into the area, but both men were forced to spend Saturday night in freezing conditions after bad weather had prevented crews from retrieving them.

A break in the weather on Sunday night allowed the officer to be lifted out while another replaced him, before the teenager and the second officer were finally winched to safety.

An earlier attempt to winch the teenager into a rescue helicopter on Saturday night was aborted amid poor weather conditions. About 12 volunteers from the State Emergency Service (SES) also attempted to walk to the pair.

Both men were cold, but otherwise unharmed, and were released after a brief medical assessment at the Albany Health Campus.

The teenager said: “The device worked perfectly, with the response time less than 5 minutes, which is when they first tried to contact me on my telephone, as I later found out. The first sight of the helicopter was in 2 to 3 hours after they travelled approximately 400km.

“The operation was in Western Australia, at a height of 1000 meters in the Stirling Range, weather modelling predicted -5 to -10C minimum temp with wind gusts of 200kph.”