Ocean Signal operates within the ACR group. This group has over 250 employees and 3 world class R&D centres. We are continually developing business opportunities with over 150 active global customers and represented in over 30 countries. Partnered with key organisations around the globe the group has a proven leadership pedigree in the Maritime, Aviation, Land and Military markets for over 50 years. Ocean Signal is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Satellite and Terrestrial Emergency Rescue Beacons based upon VHF/UHF, Iridium, DSC, AIS, GNSS and battery technologies; supplying products throughout the world to four main markets: – Commercial Marine, Leisure Marine, Governmental/Military and Land/Recreational.

Software Engineer

Position Summary

As a world leader in land and marine search and rescue beacon technology, we are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated software engineer to work as a member of our R&D team in Kent. The role will primarily be centred around PC testing and configuration applications along with the development and maintenance of product firmware. There will also be an element of research into new technologies looking at ways to continually improve our products though the addition of innovative features and improvements in performance with an eye on reducing cost.

Job Description

Reporting the Lead Software Engineer as a Software Engineer, you will be primarily responsible for maintaining and developing PC applications to perform production tests on the products, configuration of the products and tools to simplify testing, verification, and validation during the R&D process. The roll will also include the need to both develop and test product firmware for use in safety critical applications; this will require a sound understanding of both low-level bare metal and RTOS development on ARM 32-bit microcontrollers. The continued development of mobile and tablet apps on both Android and iOS platforms is envisaged as such apps start to play a larger role in both the production environment and the end user experience in the coming years.

Reporting directly to the CTO there will be occasions where the roll will include research into new technologies, devices, and standards. An educational background which involved research and report writing would be beneficial.

Essential Skills

  • PC application development in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio including interfacing with test equipment using APIs both through DLLs and CLI.
  • A firm understanding of the principles of version control (a knowledge of GIT would be preferential).
  • Writing and interpreting software requirement documents and verification / validation documents.
  • Experience of reading and interpreting datasheets and standard specifications for both development purposes and type approval testing.
  • A solid grounding in C/C++ and experience of bare metal and RTOS programming including low level control of peripherals using DMA and other such techniques to meet often stringent timing requirements while maintaining minimal power consumption.
  • A high level of self-motivation and an ability to figure out how things work and how they could be improved without too much reliance on input from other people.
  • An educational background that involved some level of research and report writing.
  • A rudimentary knowledge of electronics and schematic diagrams.

Desirable Skills

  • PC application development in QT/C++.
  • Experience working within the FreeRTOS scheduler.
  • Experience developing makefiles and using the GCC/GDB toolchain.
  • Experience using the Eclipse IDE and Segger programming tools.
  • Experience with production test tools for use in a manufacturing environment.
  • Experience developing mobile apps in iOS or Android (both would be desirable).
  • Experience using scripting languages such as Python or Perl.
  • Experience using Excel to manipulate data for modelling various scenarios.
  • Some knowledge of databases and accessing cloud services such as AWS.
  • A knowledge of RF modulation techniques and how to implement them though software.
  • A rudimentary knowledge of software defined radio principles and techniques.
  • An understanding of the underlying principles behind DevOps.

The successful candidate will likely have a university degree or equivalent that involves software engineering principles. This could be either wholly software based or as part of an electronics-based qualification. They will need the ability to figure stuff out and get things working using equipment like a logic analyser or oscilloscope. They are likely to have spent time on home projects involving app development and playing with hardware such as Arduino or Raspberry pi. They are likely to be the sort of person that will have dabbled with Linux and built simple mobile apps just because they enjoy doing such things. If that sounds like you, and you’re looking for a cool job in R&D then this could be the roll for you.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Position Summary


To be responsible for the design, development, and engineering support of all aspects of mechanical life-saving survival equipment at Ocean Signal and when required UML; in particular design and development of plastics and metal assemblies from feasibility/concept through to production release.

To take project management responsibility for those projects and work packages assigned to you to ensure that they achieve the design specification requirements and target prime costs, within agreed timescales and development costs.

As and when required support the Production, Customer Service and Marketing Departments to maintain the Company’s existing product range.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure mechanical designs are fit for purpose and offer elegant, robust, and cost-effective solutions that are designed for manufacture.
  • To ensure that mechanical design related issues in manufacture (e.g., tolerancing, inadequate design etc.) are addressed and resolved via the engineering change process in a timely fashion.
  • To ensure that engineering changes arising from other causes also affecting the build standard and configuration control of products are expeditiously actioned.
  • Manage your mechanical engineering workload (including projects & work packages) within the company to ensure that they achieve the design specification requirements and target prime costs, within agreed timescales, development costs and delivers a complete solution to Production to allow the product to be made, sold, and shipped to customers at an acceptable production yield.
  • To work closely with the Project/Product Manager to ensure that their projects are adequately supported both from a technical aspect to enable them to deliver their programmes.
  • Plan, Monitor and Report on the status of any projects that you are responsible for.
  • With the support of the Production Team, prioritise and report on the status of any ongoing production support tasks.
  • Assist other areas of the business by providing technical expertise and resources as maybe required from time to time to support their programmes and help resolve technical problems.
  • Control the design status of any projects and tasks for which you are responsible by the generation and maintenance of the relevant Project Files, Drawings, Documents and Reports through the companies Documentation and Configuration Control procedures.
  • Provide support and assistance to sales and marketing, manufacturing, and quality in areas where your knowledge and expertise is of benefit.
  • Assist the Chief Technology Officer in the effective running of the R&D team to deliver approved new product development programmes on time and to support and resolve production problems on existing products.
  • Assist the Chief Technology Officer in the development of concepts, plans, specifications, and ideas for new products that may in time become approved projects for the engineering teams.
  • Produce a weekly status report on all mechanical engineering activity and those projects for which you are responsible.
  • Liaise with internal and external Customers and Suppliers including Marketing, Manufacturing and Quality as necessary to fulfil the above tasks.
  • Work in accordance with Company Procedures and the approved Quality System. Ensure that safe working practices are strictly adhered in accordance with the statutory provisions of current Health & Safety legislation.
  • To perform such other duties commensurate with the position that may be requested from time to time by the Senior Management team.

Education Requirements                                                                                                

  • Degree or HNC/HND in Mechanical Design or similar

Experience Requirements

  • Knowledge of plastics/sheet metal/castings type environment to IP68 and impact/crush testing
  • Great functional mechanical solutions suited to life-saving applications in the marine environment
  • Design life cycle (concept to production) within an ISO9001 or similar quality environment
  • High & low volume design for Commercial and Leisure Markets
  • Engineering drawing change control & process
  • Design of production assembly and test fixtures

Advantageous Additional Experience / Skills

  • Experience of product type approval to international standards
  • Knowledge and experience of ultra-sonic welding of plastic materials.
  • Experience in the use of model shop equipment i.e., Milling M/C and lathe work.
  • Experience of marine, aviation nav/comms

Skills and Competencies Requirements

  • 3D/2D CAD (Solidworks)
  • FEA/FEM/Stress Analysis
  • Experience of PDM/PLM software
  • MS Word, Excel, MS Project, PPT, Publisher (Microsoft office suite)


General Skills/Attributes

  • Conscientious, hardworking & organized
  • Positive attitude
  • Good team worker
  • Thorough
  • Self-motivated
  • Versatile
  • Good communicator

Please contact Ocean Signal at with your CV if you are interested in any position