Software updates

Software for ATB1 Class B AIS transceiver

To update the firmware on the ATB1:
Note: Firmware updates can only be completed using a PC or Mac Computer.

  • Download the file below and unzip it to a USB stick that has been formatted to FAT32
  • Power down the ATB1
  • Connect the USB stick to the ATB1 using the supplied USB on-the-go cable
  • Power up the ATB1
  • The LED will flash green then briefly turn red
  • Once the LED has turned green (or amber if the AIS is in Silent Mode) the update is complete
  • Press and hold the LED button for 10 seconds (until it flashes Amber)
  • It is now safe to remove the USB stick without fear of corruption
  • The ATB1 will return to normal operation

Version 01.01.00 (28/01/2019)

Production Initial Release

Version 01.02.00 (27/07/2019)

Minor Bug Fixes
– Set-up LED extinguish after 30 mins
– Incorrect vessel length and beam reported on some received targets transmitted on NMEA2000
– Potential reported “Lost/Invalid Heading” when connected to NMEA2000 Heading source

Version 01.03.00 (29/09/2020)

New Features
– New NMEA2000 PGNs added
– NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Multiplexing to WiFi
– External Silent Mode Switch capability

Enables New App Features
– Improved fault diagnotic page
– Received Target List
– Received Target Details
– CPA/TCPA Alarms
– Connected Instrument Data display
– MOB Management
– Notification of Firmware updates

Minor Bug Fixes
– Intermittent NMEA 2000 dropout
– WiFi instability during multiple device connection

Version 01.04.00 (N/A)

Not Released

Version 01.05.00 (26/10/2020)

New Features
– Event Log Added

Enables New App Features
– Event Log

Minor Bug Fixes
– Loss of NMEA0183 GLL output
– Resolution increase to NMEA2000 Rapid Update Position PGN

Version 01.06.00 (07/04/2021)

Internal Update. This update will not change the operation of earlier units already in use.
– Update to cover WiFi hardware changes

Version 01.07.00 (22/02/2023)

Internal Update. This update will not change the operation of earlier units already in use.
– Bug fix to prevent periodic stopping of AIS Transmission and Reception in high traffic areas

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