rescueMe PLB1 Rescues Kite Surfer from Icy Waters

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What happened?

The wind was crisp on that cold February day as I readied myself for an exhilarating kite surfing adventure off the coast of South Holland. An experienced surfer and a volunteer with the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, I understood the perils of the sea all too well. With my trusty Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1, a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), tucked securely in my gear, I felt prepared for whatever challenges the day had in store.

As I set out with two friends, the weather conditions hinted at the impending trials. Force 6 winds and heavy seas painted a picture of adventure, but it soon took a turn for the worse. A misstep sent me tumbling into the frigid waters, leaving my kite drifting and my board lost to the depths. Clad in a winter wetsuit, I felt the cold’s relentless bite, and I knew I had to act swiftly.

Without hesitation, I activated my trusty PLB. With each passing minute, the icy waters sapped my strength. My friends, initially unaware of my predicament, continued their pursuits. As the cold tightened its grip, I bobbed in the water for around 45 long minutes.

Thankfully, The signal from my PLB was able to reach the Netherlands Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Den Helder. The beacon’s up-to-date registration details allowed the local Coast Guard to identify me and access my emergency contacts. This advanced technology, equipped with a 66-channel GPS, swiftly relayed my position to the search and rescue services.

I know, from firsthand experience, how challenging it can be to locate someone in the water. My unsettling ordeal underscores the importance of Personal Locator Beacons, making it easier for rescue teams to find those in distress.

Following my safe rescue, Ocean Signal’s Dutch distributor, Shiptron Trading, provided me with a new PLB, a standard practice after successful rescues. Their dedication to safety and preparedness enables people like me to get back out on the water.

As a kite surfer with years of experience and a background as a rescue boat crew member, I encourage anyone venturing onto the water, especially alone, to invest in a PLB. It works anytime, anywhere, and in conditions where mobile phones and beachgoers may fall short. The GPS, satellite, and homing technology in these beacons ensure that a call for rescue is answered promptly, and help is on the way. My story stands as a testament to the life-saving potential of these remarkable devices. Thank you ACR.

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