Rescue Amidst the Paparoa Track: A Hiker's PLB Saves the Day

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1 lives saved
Medical emergency
Normal conditions
Rescue location
Paparoa Track, New Zealand -42.29378°°S, 171.39189°°E
Rescue team
Local Search and Rescue
Rescue duration
1 Hr.

What happened?

I was running the Paparoa track coming down the hill from Ces Clarke hut as I crossed the
footbridge I slipped and fell. The netting that covers the wood bridge had been worn away leaving
the wood exposed.
Sitting up after the fall I discovered that the skin over my right knee had split open.
I was at least 6 km of very rough track away from the carpark and car and given the degree of the
injury continuing out on foot was not going to be a sensible option.
There is no cellphone coverage in this area so I activated my PLB, which I carry with me for such
an occasion!
A little over an hour later the Roa Mining Rescue helicopter came to my rescue and flew me to
Greymouth hospital.

Words of wisdom

Thank you note to the Ocean Signal team